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“Set Fire” by Jon King

I am sitting at my desk looking out the window at the back of the building which is a pristine wintery wonderland. There’s no reason to shovel or plow the back – so it has remained untouched. Makes me want to build a fire… or better yet, go on a vacation to a place and time that is much warmer.

I know Maine isn’t exactly the place you think about for a warm vacation… but this past summer, I spent some time along the seacoast and it was beautiful. But what is there to do when the sun goes down and the beaches empty? Go to the local honky tonk watering hole, of course, and check out some tunes.

You never know what you are going to get in a situation like that… but as I have discovered, there are often quite a few gems during the height of tourist season. One such gem is Jon King. King’s music is a blend of blues and rock, with emphasis on guitar. “I grew up with really good music echoing through the walls of my house. Old blues guys like Howlin Wolf and Sonny Boy Williamson every Sunday night on college radio, and they stuck in my head. It was a positive experience being turned on to the old and the retro before listening to new music,” King writes on his website.

However, don’t expect to find him playing on the seacoast in juke joints exclusively. He’s already onto bigger things. King has toured around the Northeast, recorded an EP, and gotten a band together with members across New England to round out his blues rock sound.

There’s something very honest about his lyrics. He writes, “I aim to write songs that people can relate to by making a familiar vibe feel fresh and new…while melting their faces.”

I am confident that my face is still intact, but I do know that this song, and his EP, consists of good solid traditional rock that fits all eras. Organic music like this needs to be shared. Therefore you should consider this single, “Set Fire” for playlist addition. Just like the folks at 100.3FM WHEB in Portsmouth, NH and 91.3FM WUNH in Durham, NH have done. It’s one of those things that might not go on to be a “hit” in the technical sense, but I’ll bet you get a ton of inquiries from listeners asking, “Who is this guy?” – and that kind of thing really spices up a playlist, not to mention opens another window into music discovery.

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